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Lilium Facial 

The Lilium Facial is a scientific breakthrough that combines the regenerative potential of amniotic fluid and microneedling to provide natural healing factors to build the right types of collagen and promote healthy, glowing skin.

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What is Lilium?

Lilium harnesses the transformative potential of amniotic fluid,  to infuse natural healing elements into the targeted treatment area. Our amniotic fluid product is rich in over 200 biologically active cytokines and growth factors, along with hyaluronic acid, RNA, and microRNA, fostering skin renewal and regeneration. By containing messengers that facilitate cell communication, Lilum promotes a healing response, encourages the development of optimal collagen types, and cultivates a radiant, healthy complexion. The rapid absorption of Lilium into the skin's treatment area is facilitated by tiny lipid particles, ensuring an efficient and effective skincare experience.  

Is Lilium safe and ethical?

It is important to note that ethical and legal guidelines strictly govern the collection and use of human tissues, including amniotic fluid. Donors provide their consent for the use of these biological materials, and stringent measures are in place to ensure the safety, ethical standards, and compliance with regulatory requirements in the development of medical and skincare products.

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